September 2015

Yes, It’s been a long and for that I’m very sorry. what did happen with my last post in September 2015 was non-US person was designated for the Czar over 25 Smart Cities. Minneapolis, MN is one of those designated. And I have been watching closely.

One of the things done for Minneapolis small businesses is that the government gave them free security systems. With the only caveat being if there is any criminal investigation the business will turn over all relevant data. This  occurred in other cities like Washington Dc on September 11, 2001 but store owners were very reluctant so they are getting ahead of the game. When and if I find time I will let you know the other cities around the globe designated. Because sure as shooting, by golly Mr. Clambert, there will be false flags coming to those cities.

Right before this President Obama did this: for within the united States but this is world-wide with one leader checking on the progress of all.

So for a reminder, always be very suspicious whenever you see the word Sustainable Development as that is part of the Agenda 2030. It used to be 2020 but they are a little bit behind. Many West Coast cities have found out what that has meant. You no long have property rights and anything can be taken away from you for any reason without compensation.