Be Afraid, Be very Afraid of…

Sustainable Development

On the surface you think Yeap this is a good idea. but those in the know call it Agenda 21, Agenda for the 21st century or Agenda 2030; the idea is to believe in scarcity. Agenda 21 was signed on to by all nations of the world. Its goal is to create a private government that you do not have control of (i.e. a group,who you are not able to vote in or out of office) who is responsible.

If you like to see how it is playing out in California check out:

In short, we can’t afford to allow this to go on. Check out your local city council. If you don’t have time to go to the meetings, read about it in your local paper and make a short statement in OP Ed part, or talk with your neighbors. I remember Occupy Wall Street, remember how they took control…the public parks were sold off to private developers who then made the laws. It is fascism. I’m also remembering 2008 and the housing “crisis”.

So pause and think what do we need to live: clean air, water, non-GMO foods, nutritious food, and shelter. After that we need Self-Esteem. What makes you unique, what can you offer. My dear father taught me everyone has something to offer. This impending Reset, may be just what we need to find the sacred place within ourselves and within others.

Don’t panic, it is US who can create the real world we want to live in. Meditate and Love…and be aware, BE AWAKE

Blessings in Love and Light

We are all in this together minus the .01% of the 1%.