Time in a Bottle Washes up on Shore

“A place where time stood still”-Have you ever wished for it? Well, for us Earthlings it occurs three times every year if you are one of those under the unconscious spell of life. Remember how some say everything happens in threes!? Yeap that time is upon us now.

On June 26th at 8:08 AM CDT, Mercury will have the appearance from earth as stopping and then moving backwards in the sky. This is called a retrograde period and for Mercury it occurs three times a year. It deals with physics of motion of each body. And by Friday 28th, early evening, we will start to feel its effect. The full effect ends when Mercury resumes its travels forward on July 20th with the direct stop on Saturday, July 20th at 1:22 PM, CDT.

A Standard of Astrological suggestions goes like this: don’t sign any contracts, expect delays, miscommunications, or for positive:  take this time to review [for this time, it would be June 10th to June 26th, and then watch between the 26th and July 20th for repeat performances, after July 20th look for the repeat performances again]. What type of performances, you ask?

What has dear Mercury been up to lately? Starting the middle of May to the end of May it went through the sign of Gemini. Gemini is one of the natural sign for Mercury as it deals with the lower mind, basics, simple communications, etc. On the 31st it entered into Cancer, a water sign i.e. emotional. This could mean a blending of the heart and mind but mostly it’s communication with a motive i.e. to persuade. Someone has an ax to grind; they want to be listened to, they are pleading their case. But Cancer like the Crab takes to hiding whenever it’s around, so it means secrets. Headlines and Events include Jay Carney refusing to discuss Snowden, Trayvon Martin Case begins, Apples Developer Conference and Jim Graves Announcement to run again against Michelle Bachmann. Bachmann has already said she won’t run for the same seat, so Graves dropped out. Apples’ unveiling was pretty uneventful and there are lots of comments of what should have been released but there are rumors about production problems.
Martin case is a prime example of someone saying “I was afraid for my life!” And our rationale mind says then don’t go on…Michelle Bachmann’s comments throughout her career is based on emotion. Think of the sad story she has told about the lady’s daughter that contracted mental retardation from the HPV vaccine.

So we are likely to hear different turn of events as Mercury regresses and then turns. I can’t wait to know the real reason Bachmann declined another run for her representative seat. But it’s more important to know how it will affect you. Accidents are likely due to the confusion and misaligned focus during a Mercury Retrograde period. But that does not mean if you have one then there will be two more.

You must always look for the basis of the accident or delay. It maybe someone was yelling. You had a bad day and you were lost in your thoughts and missed the stop sign. Cancer emotion is primeval yet hidden. So it’s all those thoughts you had but didn’t express. Maybe one day you finally expressed them and it was misconstrued, or it came out wrong. There will more chances to change as the period progresses and finally rights itself and moves on.

Keep an eye on new stories and or happenings in your life this next week, June 17th-June 26th, as they will be the first to repeat. Remember to Look for the core meaning, not actual event. The essence of the event.

Happy Retro Period to you all. Oh and don’t go giving your review to others…as it will not be taken at face value. It was just for you to ponder.

Astrological Thunderings: #2 on 6/16/2013 9:32 PM MN